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Must Have Features in a Laundry Room

1. Location of the Laundry Room

Consider having your laundry room on the main floor. This will make it easier to do laundry rather than having to carry a basket full of laundry down the stairs. Carrying items down the stairs can increase the risk of falls. The best location for a laundry room is near the bedrooms where clothing is put on or taken off. If you are building a home, consider having the laundry room near your bedroom. If you are unable to move the washer and dryer to the main floor, consider installing a laundry chute for clothes to be dropped to an area in the laundry room or a stair lift if it is difficult to go up and down the stairs while carrying laundry (National Home Builders, 2017). Another device that can be of benefit is a SANO Liftkar (pictured below). This device is a powered stair climber and will allow you to set the laundry basket on it and it will go up or down a stairway without any lifting. All that is needed is to navigate the direction of the powered SANO Liftkar (SANO, 2021).

SANO Liftkar Sal

SANO (2021)

2. Widen the Entrance and Area

The door width should be at least 32 inches to accommodate assistive devices such as a walker or wheelchair and carrying laundry items. The door should also be able to open to a 90-degree angle for clearance. Double acting doors or pocket doors may offer a solution. Double acting doors reduces the swing area and can be opened while carrying a basket of laundry. Pocket doors can increase the amount of space. Having adequate maneuvering space within the laundry room is also important with at least a 60-inch minimum turning diameter (National Home Builders, 2017). With the space, you will be able to unload and load the laundry and transfer the clothes to a folding table or another room adequately. A large space will also allow you to set up an ironing table and a chair for rest while completing laundry.

Large Area in the Laundry Room Cost (2020)

3. Shelves vs. Cabinets and Drawers

Consider having shelves rather than cabinets and drawers to eliminate the need to operate the cabinet or drawer. Placement of shelves that is within reach is also important. Taking heavy and large items out of a cabinet or shelf that is of high height can increase the risk of injury. If you have large items such as a large container of laundry soap, consider putting the soap in a smaller sized bottle or use detergent pods instead. If you do not want shelves, consider having cabinets with pull-out drawers or pull-down shelves. Cabinets with lever handles instead of knobs are easier to use (National Association of Home Builders, 2017).


Plank & Pillow (2020)

4. Front-Loading Washer and Dryer

Front-loading washer and dryers will be easier for you to use as you age. Placement of your washer and dryer on a pedestal base can be convenient to place items inside the washer or dryer instead of having to bend for placement of the clothing items. However, this can take away space to fold your laundry on top of the machines or shelving space. Ensure your washer and dryer doors have enough space to open wide. Also be aware of the hinges on the doors. The appliance on the left side should have a left hinge and the appliance on the right side should have a right hinge (Rossetti, 2007). This will allow you to transfer clothes easily from the washing machine to the dryer. The control settings located at the front of the washer and dryer rather than rear-mounted will allow you to change the settings without having to reach.

Front Loading Washer with a Pull-out Table

Duckworth (2021)

5. Laundry Sink

Laundry sinks are becoming more popular to wash delicate items. Consider having a faucet located on the side to allow for an easier reach from a seated position. A faucet with lever handles is easier to turn on and off instead of knob handles. Another option to have within the laundry room is a floor drain. A floor drain can accommodate spills or assist with cleaning.

Mello (2019)

6. Ceramic Tile or Waterproof Materials with Cove Base

Ceramic tiles offer the most moisture protection and ease of cleaning. A cove base keeps moisture away from the walls if spills occur. Consider having a floor coating such as SlipDoctors to prevent falls if water liquids end up on the floor. SlipDoctors (2021) offers a coating to increase traction on the floors.

SlipDoctors (2021)

7. Exhaust Fan

Including an exhaust fan within the laundry room can ensure proper ventilation and remove uncontrolled moisture (National Association of Home Builders, 2017).

8. Table and Clothing Rods

A table can allow you to fold clothing within the laundry room. Including a chair at the table will also benefit you to sit and complete the tasks instead of standing. Make sure that there is knee space for you at the table. Having a drawer that is a pull-out table or a fold out table can be beneficial for smaller laundry room space. A roll-in cabinet can be placed under the table when not used. Clothing rods in the laundry room will allow for you to hang the clothing items immediately after taking out the clothing from the dryer.

Table for Folding Laundry Shwake (2019)

Fold Out Table Pottery Barn (2021)

9. Ironing Board

An ironing board that is stored in a closet and is able to come down can save space within the laundry room. Consider having an outlet within the cabinet or near the outside of the cabinet for a convenient location for the iron to be plugged in.

In-Wall Ironing Board

Home Depot (2021)


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