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Going on a Weekend Getaway? Heading South for the Winter? Tips to Protect Your Home in Frigid Temps

As we all know, we live in an area with long cold winters. A weekend trip, or an extended stay away are common ways to escape the cold. Although you might be somewhere warm, or next to a cozy fireplace in a cabin, your home is still sitting in the cold weather you left it in. Here are 5 tips to ensure that your home doesn't fall victim to freezing temperatures, and that it stays safe while you are gone.

  1. Turn off water, clear pipes.

Freezing water expands, which means you have an issue if it's left in your pipes. Turn off your water, then flush your toilets and drain your sinks so there is no water left. It is also a good idea to put antifreeze in your toilets and sinks. Another option is to keep your house on low heat while your away to keep the water from freezing. Also, don't forget about your gutters!

2. Make your home appear occupied

An easy way for a burglar to know if someone isn't home is a snowy driveway. There are many snow removal services around, or you could find a friendly neighbor who wants to help. It is also a good idea to arrange for someone to grab your mail and any boxes that come to your door. Lastly, having lights that are on a timer for each day will help give the impression that there are people living there.

3. Unplug unneeded electrical appliances.

Unplugging while you are away will remove the risk of possible fires, as well as save some money. Turning your heating very low will help with this as well.

Protecting your home matters. Be sure to keep it safe this winter!


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Gebhardt Arizona
Gebhardt Arizona
12. Dez. 2022

The majority of snowbirds are retired seniors. Therefore they are eligible to enroll in Medicare. This is excellent news for snowbirds because the Medicare program has national coverage and works similarly in every state.

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